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Hi my name is Corissa and this is where I sell my gently used clothes! Most things are sizes 16-24 (L-3X), but there will be an occasional straight sized item also. Currently I can only accept PayPal. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! <3
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It’s adorable and the prettiest coral/hot pink color you’ve ever seen! 

So I just got it in the mail a couple days ago and as with most swimsuits the length just isn’t long enough on me (I’m 5’8” and have a freaky long torso that is not done justice in this picture) sooooo I could return the suit but I loooove you guys (also I totally don’t know what happened to that crotch protector plastic thing so I really can’t return it but mostly I love you guys) so I thought I’d sell it here for like 30% off what it’s being sold for at forever 21 right now! 

So, it’s only been worn in this picture, it’s a 3X, has adjustable straps, and makes fat bellies look absolutely perfect! 

$20 shipping included (currently $27 on the website)

MARKED DOWN! $18 shipping included 


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